Monday, July 3, 2017

Haji Muhammad Azeem Gurchani ( Waliyani )

Haji Muhammad Azeem Gurchani ( Waliyani ) was born in 1940. His father Qadir Bukhsh Khan Gurchani was a nice person of Gurchani Tribe. He passed his earlier life at Pull Notak. He belongs to Baloch Gurchani Tribe. Due to his Grandfather’s Grandfather Wali Khan, “Waliyani” is his Sub-coste. He got primary education at Government Elementary School Notak Sikhani.
After Primary Education he became farmer with his Parent. He got famous name in the society. Village Basti Azeem is named on his name.

                He died in 16-05-2017. May ALLAH rest his soul in peace (Aameen).

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Azeem Masjid

This Mosque, located in Basti Azeem, District Dera Ghazi Khan , Punjab Pakistan. This Mosque was built By Haji Muhammad Azeem Gurchani in 02 Feb, 1991. This Mosque apgraded after 23 years in april, 2014. More than 200 People can say prayer in this Mosque. It is beautiful place of Basti Azeem.

Azeem Masjid

Monday, December 12, 2016

Muhammad Zubair Rasool Gurchani

      • Father’s Name             :           Ghulam Rasul Asif
      • CNIC                          :           32102-4404729-9
      • Date of Birth                :           18-06-1999
      • Domicile                       :           Dera Ghazi Khan  (Punjab)
      • Religion                        :           Islam
      • Nationality                   :           Pakistani
      • Marital status               :           Single
      • Mobile Number           :           +92 334 9192999
      • Postal Address            :           C/o Zishan Cloth house P/o                                                Shadan Lund    D.G Khan

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Basti Azeem

Basti Azeem is a village in Dera Ghazi Khan Pakistan, which is named after Haji Muhammad Azeem Gurchani. This village is located near Indus River. Hiltorent Sori is located in southern side of this village.The main occupation of the people of this village is agruculture. Wheat,Cotton and vegitables are important crops of this area. Saraiki and Urdu langues are used in this village.
Basti Azeem
Basti Azeem is located in Pakistan
Basti Azeem
Basti Azeem
Location in Dera Ghazi Khan District, Pakistan
Coordinates:30°24′12.75″N 70°44′08.92″E
Country Pakistan
DistrictDera Ghazi Khan
Languages            Saraiki, Urdu
Time zonePST (UTC+5:30)

Muhammad Akhtar Rasul

                                             MUHAMMAD AKHTAR RASUL
      • Father’s Name            :           Ghulam Rasul Asif
      • CNIC                         :           32102-1363882-1
      • Date of Birth               :           08-03-1991
      • Domicile                     :           Dera Ghazi Khan  (Punjab)
      • Religion                      :           Islam
      • Nationality                  :           Pakistani
      • Marital status              :           Married
      • Mobile Number          :           +92 333 8596774
      • Postal Address           :           C/o Zishan Cloth house P/o                                                 Shadan Lund D.G Khan.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Punjab ExaminationCommission

PCT Punjab Examination
Commission is the autonomous
body of education system working
in Punjab powered by Government
of Punjab to access the students to
learn and achieve the goals of
requirement according to current
era requirement at grade 5 and 8
level of education system.
Punjab Examination
Commission History
Punjab Examination
Commission Vision
PEC Examination
PEC Date Sheets
PEC Model Papers
PEC 5th 8th Class
Punjab Examination
Commission (PEC)
Contact Punjab
Punjab Examination
Commission (PEC) The
autonomous body of Punjab
Examination Commission (PEC)
started its functions in 2005 to
organize the examination of 5th &
8th class students in Province
Punjab, Pakistan and conduct the
5th class examination first time in
Punjab in the year 2006. PEC is
working under Punjab Examination
Commission Act XI of 2010 with
vision to improve the education
system of elementary education.
Every year 2-5 million 5th and 8th
class candidates all from Private
and Government Public school
appear every year.
Punjab Examination
Commission Vision Commission
has vision to provide quality
education in the province Punjab to
compete the other world education
system and latest education
streams in front of future
PEC Examination Schedule
Punjab examination Commission
conduct the 5th and 8th grade
examination every year in February
in normal circumstances. Punjab
Government has passed a bill in
which it is clearly said "Grade V and
VIII examination is mandatory as
per government policy for all
students of public / private schools
functioning within the province of
PEC Date Sheets Date Sheets of PEC
5th 8th class issued before the
examination season get start. It is
normally get online for the
candidates to check their
examination dates before a month
of exams. If you want to check the
Date sheets of this year you can
check here.
1. PEC 5th Class Date Sheet 2013
2. PEC 8th Class Date Sheet 2013
PEC Model Papers Punjab
Examination Commission has
released the Model Papers of PEC
5th class and PEC 8th class so that
students can get idea about their
coming examination and prepared
themselves for the exams in front
of these Model papers.
PEC 5th 8th Class Result After the
examination season commission
normally announce the 5th and 8th
class result 2013 within next 2
months. This year it is expected to
announce the Examination result
on 31st March 2013.
1. PEC 5th Class Result
2. PEC 8th Class Result
Punjab Examination
Commission Districts List:
Attock Jhang Narowal
Bahawalnagar Kasur Okara
Bahawalpur Khanewal Pakpattan
Bhakkar Khushab Rahimyar Khan
Chakwal Lahore Rajanpur
Chiniot Layyah Rawalpindi
D G Khan Lodhran Sahiwal
Faisalabad Mandi Bahauddin Sargodha
Gujranwala Mianwali Sialkot
Gujrat Multan Toba Tek Singh
Hafizabad Muzaffargarh Vehari
Jehlum Nankana Sahib
Punjab Examination
Commission ( PEC) Functions
Design, develop,
implement, maintain,
monitor and evaluate
a system of
examination for
Formulate policy and
programme for the
conduct of
relating to
Collect data for
research to improve
curricula and
measures for capacity
building of the
teachers and
educationists for
improving the
system of assessment
of students
Identify the areas
where improvement
in training of the
teachers or
educationists is
Promote public
discussions on issues
pertaining to
Advise the
Government on all
policy matters
relating to the
objectives of the
Approve annual
research programme
and annual budget of
the Commission
Perform such other
functions as may be
ancillary to its
functions, or as may
be prescribed or
asmay be assigned by
the Government.
The Commission may:
Issue instructions or
guidelines to a local
government for data
collection and
conduct of an
examination of
Register students for
the purpose of
examinations of
education and
maintain their data
Conduct and
outsource research in
the sphere of an
examination of
Contact Punjab Examination
Punjab Examination Commission,
Wahdat Road, Lahore, Punjab. Tel:
+92 42 9926 0151-6 Official Website: If you want any further
information regarding, PEC Model
Papers, PEC Date Sheets, PEC 5th 8th
class Result, PEC Roll Number slips
then you can also visit: Punjab
Examination Commission

Monday, February 3, 2014

Life in the Rain forests

The rain forests of the world  are found in the hot and humid regions around the Equator and the largest rain forests is in the Amazon basin of South America. The abundance of warmthe sunlight and rain in these areas ensures the thriving of the greatest variety of wildlife and vegetation. Below the canopy of the various types of mosses and fungus, ferns and creepers and smaller trees. At the ground level the area is thriving with smaller creatures like Ants, Spiders, Shrews, Parrots, Owls, etc. The trees also provide shelter to a variety of primates including the Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Monkeys like the spider Monkey, Howler Monkey and Mammals like Slothsetc.